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Karen Matheson
RMT, M.Ht, C.Ht.


About Sole to Soul Wellness


Healing from childhood trauma and 3 near death experiences I made a decision to reclaim my life. Having 8 surgeries in 9 years my body was toxic and emotionally loaded. While searching for a means to heal, I was introduced to Reflexology where I had 21 points triggered on my feet. This released the toxic build up. My energy increased and my body began to heal. Fascinated with the results, I studied Reflexology and became a practitioner.

Working with my clients I began to experience their emotions. Seeing a pattern of emotions associated with particular organs, I wanted to explore more about this connection. I studied Esoteric Healing, a technique that utilized my ability to sense energy. This developed my intuitive connection.

Later in India, I experienced yoga, meditation and massage daily as I was having massage I experienced flashbacks to my childhood trauma. Something that I thought had been resolved. I knew then that I needed to study massage and connection between body and memory. So I obtained my Master Practioners level in Psychosomatic Therapy.

Next, came the realization that a person had to change their beliefs in order not to rebound into old actions. My path took me into REIKI, PSYCH-K, Hypnotherapy and THETAHealing. Finally the full body, mind, spiritual connect to healing was obtained. I now share these techniques of healing with clients.


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