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Summary of the book: "It's just an experience... get over it"

Karma Rae has lived with a family secret—she was being abused. She would later have three death experiences, her first being at the age of eight. Her "energy body" was guided from her physical body by her grandfather, who had passed over when she was only three months old. She was shown many things about what this journey here in the physical world was about. She made a decision to return into her physical body to continue this experience.

Karma Rae returned from her near-death experience with gifts of hearing and seeing spirit. She could also feel emotions in people around her. Not fully realizing the purpose of these gifts, she lived within a world that was everything opposite of what she was shown. She has knowledge that we have chosen experiences, lessons, and growth to advance our spiritual awareness.

That is where her life ended and her Spiritual Journey began.

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