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Psychosomatic Therapy

This is a technique that triggers the over 100 emotional trigger points on the body to release cellular memory. By assessing the negative posturing a client has will identify the method of release. This treatment benefits people who have been through any form of trauma such as abuse, accidents or grief or loss.

The triggering allows the body to release the unexpressed emotions (blocked energy) that were not released during the traumatic event. When the body releases the blocks the negative posturing is release allowing the body to use its energy more efficiently and the body’s rhythm is restored promoting better health and well being.

  • 90 Minute Session $150.00 + gst


  • Release of old emotions
  • Corrective posturing
  • Increases energy
  • Physical grounding and balancing


Additional Information:

Please contact Karen Matheson if you have any additional enquires about this treatment.


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